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Car Parking Permits

We have been operating a car parking permit scheme since December 2013


St.Mary’s Car Park Permit

Terms and Conditions


St.Mary’s Car Park Permit –we reserve the right to ask permit holders to park elsewhere (for example if there was a funeral with a large crowd expected)


1.A fee of £53.00 per vehicle is payable per annum for the permit

2.Permit holders may very occasionally be asked to park elsewhere at times when the car park is needed for church use e.g. for a funeral or other service in which case 24 hours notice will be given where possible.

3.The Church of England, the PCC, Churchwardens and Vicar of Churchill & Langford accept no responsibility whatsoever for any damage caused to vehicles whilst parked in the car park or on the access driveway

4.Permit holders are asked to drive and park with care and consideration for other users and pedestrians.

5.Permits are NOT transferable (unless specifically authorised)

8.No repair or maintenance work to vehicles is permitted whilst using the car park (except in an emergency).


To apply for a Permit please email the following details to [email protected] 

and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



E-mail Address:

Telephone Number:



[email protected]