St Mary's and St John's Churches

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What is Church?

Is it the large organisational group/ denomination?

Is it the building

Is it the people?

The answer is it is all 3!


We are part of the Church of England but this encompasses a huge range of traditions; John 14:2 'in my Father's house there are many rooms' certainly applies to the CofE .


We are justly proud of our buildings and their presence within our two villages. However they are certainly not used only for worship - Churchill Music! hosts concerts at St John's hosts with renowned musicians; St Mary's with its versatile space is probably best known within the village for children's activities.


But most importantly church is the people. In her writing the Rev Alison Morgan says that the plural of 'disciple' is 'church'. As members of the church we try to live our lives following in the footsteps of Jesus. We are not 'perfect', we are not better than other people, we are not amazing theologians and we certainly do not have all the answers. However what we try to do is take steps along our journey with Christ - some are at different stages, some may really be struggling with their faith but we aim to be aloving and supportive place where all are welcomed.


Maybe you don't want to come to a service but you want to explore the Christian faith - why not come along to an event or a regular group? You will not be judged and no question is ever too silly!


Louisa Slingsby, churchwarden at St Mary's